7 Ways to Decorate Your Apartment for Fall

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The summer season has come and gone. With fall almost here, there is no better time to redecorate your apartment! Adding simple fall accents will make your apartment feel cozy and comfortable all season long. Check out the list below to see how to prepare your apartment for autumn!


1. Add fall scented candles to your décor

One of the easiest and most common ways to prepare your apartment for fall is by getting fall scented candles and incorporating them into your décor. There is nothing better than the smell of fresh apple pie, or cinnamon sticks, which are just two of the most popular fall candle scents. Whatever scent you choose, your apartment will smell great and will make you feel like fall has finally arrived!


2. Fall flower arrangements

The addition of fall flower arrangements around your apartment is another great idea for a simple touch. Most stores have flower arrangements premade, but if you are feeling up to it, try making your own by visiting a flower shop and picking out seasonal fall flowers. You can even make your own fall-inspired vase by putting a burlap bow around the top. Your flowers will be the perfect addition to any room!


3. Add wood elements to your apartment

Wood adds a comfortable feel to any apartment, especially during the fall season. Adding wood elements, like a wood candle holder or a wood tray to your coffee table, are just two simple ideas that will make your apartment feel more complete and tied together while you are decorating for fall.


4. Put your memories on display

Fall is the season of remembering and creating memories. If you are a photo-junkie, putting your old family photos on display in your apartment will add to the décor and overall feel of your apartment. You can create your very own photo collage on the wall. With your photos up, you will remember all of the great memories you have created and look forward to the new ones you will create this season!


5. Layer up

The crisp fall air will force you to layer up! If you are looking for a way to stay warm this season, get a cozy throw blanket for the couch or decorative chairs in your apartment. These blankets add a simple touch to your apartment and are priced reasonably. This will ensure that you have enough blankets that you can snuggle up under after a long day.


6. Accessorize with fall hues

Brining in fall colors to your apartment has never been easier. There are many great ideas for bringing the beautiful colors inside. Adding a beautiful lamp with gold accents in it, a burgundy pillow or a soft brown leather chair are all great ways to bring in the beautiful colors you see outside.


7. Add faux pumpkins

If you love pumpkins in the fall, but hate buying them just to throw them out, then buying faux pumpkins from your local craft store is a great idea for you! These pumpkins add a touch of fall anywhere you decide to place them, and don’t worry about keeping up with them because they will last you all fall! You can buy regular looking pumpkins, or decorated ones with beautiful patterns.


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