7 DIY Projects for Your New Apartment



Moving into a new apartment can be hard, especially if you are on a budget. But with some hard work and ingenuity, you can transform inexpensive materials into special pieces for your new space. From furniture to small touches, DIY projects are a great option to infuse your personal style into your new home. Need some DIY inspiration? Look no further, we have you covered!


1. Want a classy touch? Save your wine bottles and wrap them in twine.

Repurposing old wine bottles is a popular new trend. By adding twine string to them, or even little jewels and crystals, these bottles are an added touch to any apartment coffee table or mantle. Want to add something a little extra? Try adding small, string lights to the inside of the bottle. The battery-operated lights will make the bottles glow and add a sophisticated touch to any room!


2. Turn old furniture into something new.

Sure, new furniture is great, but can be extremely expensive. Taking furniture you already own to your new apartment is always a great idea. By adding new hardware, or giving an older piece a fresh coat of paint, you are guaranteed to make something you love while keeping costs to the minimum.


3. Make your own wall-art.

Have a blank wall you’re sick of looking at? Transform it into a personal work of art! Purchase a shadow box from your local crafts store and fill it with all of your favorite things. You can use flowers, old photos of friends and family or even string lights on the piece. It will be a great focal piece for your space.

4. Make your own dry-erase calendar.

Calendars are an important part of life because they keep you organized. Do not waste money on a 12-month calendar that you must rebuy every year. Instead, buy a poster frame and hot-glue paint chips to the inside, you can create a custom-made calendar that matches any room you want to match. If you want the paint chips to stand out, try finding a neutral color fabric that you can also hot-glue to the back. This will create a custom, reusable dry-erase board calendar.


5. Buy a soft, hanging shoe organizer for all your cleaning supplies.

Keeping your cleaning supplies in one spot is a good idea so you always know where it is. Not enough room in the closet? Buy a hanging shoe organizer that you can hang on the inside of a door! You can put all bottles inside the pockets on the organizer, so you are never looking for your products again, as well as keeping the products out of sight.


6. Have kids? Make them fun magnets for the fridge.

Adding small touches around the house for the kids is always a fun and cool way to help them feel comfortable in their new home. For this idea, buy plastic animals from the dollar store or craft store, along with a small handsaw, spray paint, a piece of sandpaper and magnets. Cut the plastic toy animals in half with the hand saw and smooth the front half out on the sandpaper. Spray paint them whatever colors you (or your child) decide! Finish them off by hot-gluing a magnet on the back. These magnets are a great-added touch to the kitchen.


7. Make your own chalkboard.

Chalkboard paint is another growing interior design trend. To make your own chalkboard that you can use, all you need is chalkboard paint, a paintbrush and a piece of wood. Simply brush the chalkboard paint onto the piece of wood and let it dry completely before drawing on it with any color chalk you want. If you have kids, they will love this unique idea!

To make your new chalkboard bolder, try picking a chalkboard paint color that stands out. The paint comes in many colors. You can also add an old picture frame around it. This will accentuate it if you decide to hang it up!


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