Tips for a Smooth Move in at Lerner Arrowood Parc

While moving into a new apartment is exciting and begins a new chapter in your life, move in day can be extremely stressful. To avoid making the process harder on yourself, use our tips and tricks listed below to make the experience easy and memorable!


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How to Have a Stress Free Move In


Begin Preparing a Few Months in Advance

There is a lot to do when getting ready for a move, and you don’t want to save everything for the last few days. Print or sketch the floor plan of your new space to figure out furniture arrangements ahead of time. Be sure to arrange help (professional movers, friends and family, or a moving truck/storage container) a month prior to the move and start planning out your schedule for move in day. Even start packing out-of-season belongings and items that are infrequently used to minimize last-minute packing.


File Important Paperwork in a Folder

Having all your paperwork in one place will ensure that you can easily access it. Handy papers to file include your lease paperwork, any information you might need for the movers or moving truck, and a floor plan of your new apartment. Also consider filing important legal documents, contracts, passports, etc. so they are accounted for during the move in.


Donate or Sell Unwanted Items

Moving can be a great way to clean out unwanted or old items for a fresh start in your new home! Organize a yard sale to get some extra cash in your pocket or set up donations with a charity to decrease how many unnecessary items you have to move.


Pack Necessities in Clear Bins

If you don’t finish all your unpacking the first day, you should have access to items you need for that night or the next morning. Pack toiletries, a fresh change of clothes, and any other personal items you may need in a clear bin so you can identify your necessities even in the most crowded pile of boxes.


Keep Clothes on Hangers

Putting clothes back in their place can take ages, especially when you are folding and unfolding them. Instead of taking clothes off hangers and folding them only to unfold and hang them up all over again, zip-tie hangers together and put a plastic bag around the clothes to save yourself time and any headaches.


Take Pictures of the Backs of Electronics

It is difficult enough to assemble electronics and wires once – make it simpler to reassemble them by photographing what cables and wires go where.


Use Clothing to Provide Padding for Breakables

Bubble wrap can be expensive and a pain to use. Wrap dishes in t-shirts or towels and glassware in socks for an innovative way to protect fragile belongings while packing up your clothes at the same time!


Store Hardware in Plastic Bags

There will be furniture to assemble, curtain rods to install, and shelves to build, so store screws, nuts, bolts, etc. in plastic bags and label the bags by item to avoid losing them. You can even tape the bags directly under the furniture to make sure nothing gets confused or mixed with something else.


Vacuum Seal Out-of-Season Clothes

Put clothes in garbage bags or buy special bags to vacuum seal clothes that are seasonal or worn less often. You will minimize how many boxes or suitcases to move, and clothes can be stored as is under a bed or in a closet to maximize storage.


Label and Color Code Belongings

Box items by room: kitchen in one box, bathroom in another, and so on. Mark each box with the room and a short list of items in the box, then color-code them to make it easy to identify destination of the boxes as you unpack.


Move on a Weekday

Moving trucks and professional movers are typically harder to book on weekends, and may cost more because of convenience. On weekdays, you can have cable, internet, etc. set up during working hours and your neighbors will most likely be at work so there will be little disturbance.


Unwind and Take a Break

Unpacking can be hectic and overwhelming. To keep from getting bored or burnt out, take breaks in between rooms to relax and explore your environment. You never know what kind of hidden gems you might discover in the area!


Luxury Apartments in Vienna, Virginia

Using these tips will ensure a hassle-free move into your new apartment. If you are looking for an apartment in the Vienna, Virginia area, Lerner Arrowood Parc is a short drive from George Mason University and has many state of the art amenities. Contact us for more information, or apply online today!

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